Bats often get a bad reputation, as these flying mammals are associated with spooky holidays or flying around in caves. However, while these animals would be a nuisance in your house, there are many reasons you may want to attract them to your yard. Before you call for bat control, take a look at how they can improve your outdoor space.

Why Bats Are Great for Your Property

1. Seed Spreading

Bat populations help spread seeds throughout your yard and garden. As they ingest fruits, they digest what they need and eliminate the seeds in their feces, also known as guano. Because they tend to do their business while flying, these seeds can go far and wide.

2. Fertilizer

bat controlGuano is also a high-quality fertilizer. Its high phosphorous and nitrogen content makes it an excellent addition to your soil since plants need both nutrients for optimal health. To encourage bats to stay near your garden, install a bat house where they can live. This will also direct these mammals away from your home, which will reduce your need for bat control.

3. Pest Control

Bats love to eat pests, including mosquitoes, caterpillars, gnats, and moths, which helps reduce infestations on your property. Since they're nocturnal, they'll take care of swarms during the night and leave your property pest-free during the day without insecticides.

4. Pollination

Bats are top-notch pollinators, particularly for the agave plant, which relies on these winged creatures to spread pollen for reproduction. Diversifying pollinators ensures a healthy garden, especially when other species, such as bees, are scarce.


While bats will help your garden, you won’t want them inside your home. American Bio-Tech Wildlife Services can help, as these bat control experts will ensure your home is secure against an infestation. Serving New Milford, CT, and the surrounding areas for nearly 50 years, this nuisance wildlife removal company follows guidelines for bat removal, securing structures and letting these mammals leave through a one-way exit. Call (860) 355-1231 to schedule an appointment today, or visit their website to learn more about their bat control services.