One of the most common reasons for animal removal is because local wildlife decided to make your attic their home. Cool, shadowy, and often damp, these spaces are attractive to many animals. To discourage them from settling down in yours, learn a few tricks for making it less appealing and accessible.

How to Keep Animals Out of Your Attic

1. Maintain the Area

Go into your attic and clean out anything that could be used as nesting material, including loose fabric, cardboard, paper, or insulation. Also, look for cracks or gaps in the walls and roofing. Caulk or fill anything you can, and ask a contractor for help with broken shingles or large holes. Finally, since many pests access attics from branches, trim and prune your trees regularly.

2. Install Covers & Caps

animal removalMost hardware stores sell cloth wire covers to place in your vents, so your home can circulate air without letting pests inside. If you have a chimney, install a cap on it as well to let smoke escape your fireplace while blocking larger pests from entering your chimney and attic. However, call for professional animal removal first if there are signs of animals already present.

3. Use Humane Repellents

Many pests can’t stand essential oils that smell like peppermint oil, lemongrass, citronella, cinnamon, lavender, or cedarwood, so spread these around your attic’s cracks, holes, vents, and chimneys. Your home will smell extra appealing while humanely deterring pests.

You can also place an ultrasonic device in your attic that creates noises pests can’t tolerate. This is especially effective for rodent or squirrel removal, as well as bat control.


For professional help with animal removal, contact American Bio-Tech Wildlife Services in New Milford, CT. Having provided reliable wildlife removal services since 1971, they’re experts at safely and ethically freeing homes of unwanted animals. Their treatments and prevention methods are also humane and eco-friendly. To schedule a visit, call them today at (860) 355-1231 or message them online.