While the sight of a winged, dark creature on your property may give you goosebumps, bat removal could cause you to miss out on the perks these mammals offer. Besides playing a crucial role in the eco-system, these animals can also improve your property. Before committing to bat removal, consider the following reasons to install houses for them on your land instead.

Why Should You Get a Bat House?

1. Enjoy Natural Pest Control

Bats rely on a diet of pesky mosquitos and other insects. Capable of eating over 70% of their body weight, the mammals will remove these annoying insects from your home while hunting. Additionally, since bats hunt at night, you won’t have to see them flying around while they control the insect population.

2. Pollinate Your Plants

bat removalWhile you likely already know that bees play an essential role in pollinating flowers, you may be surprised to learn bats also contribute to the environment. Bats are attracted to the nectar in plants, so while they’re doing their nighttime hunting, they’re also redistributing pollen throughout your property.

3. Fertilize Your Garden

Bat waste, also called guano, is a critical source of fertilization that's better than many other natural or organic options. Since it has an ideal ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, it helps plants grow. Additionally, the seeds contained in the guano will spread throughout your property, contributing to lush and thriving vegetation.

4. Control the Bat Habitat

Another positive aspect of installing bat houses is you'll provide a specific, designated area for these mammals. This helps deter them from coming close to your actual home, and it also allows you to determine where you'd like the bats to be. For example, you can house them in your garden or in bug-infested, shaded areas.


If you’re considering bat removal and want to better understand your options, consult the professionals at American Bio-Tech Wildlife Services. Serving New Milford, CT, and the surrounding areas for nearly 50 years, this team provides the services you need to safely and effectively remove unwanted wildlife from your home and property. To learn more about their offerings, visit them online or call (860) 355-1231.