Squirrels are very commonplace in Connecticut, so you may not automatically consider squirrel removal if they become frequent visitors to your yard. However, these animals can quickly cause expensive damage to your home and landscape in the following ways.

What Household Problems Do Squirrels Cause?

1. Chewed Wires

Squirrels tend to wander about in attics and crawlspaces where there's exposed wiring. If they decide to chew through these materials, they can cause dangerous electrical fires. Rodents in the garage will also gnaw on car engine wires, which have a tasty soy-based coating. Their chewing can even cause issues with HVAC systems, security alarms, and lighting. If squirrel removal isn't arranged, an expensive visit from an electrician may soon be unavoidable.

2. Blocked Chimneys

squirrel removalAllowing squirrels to wander around on rooftops can lead to bad results. If they fall down your chimney or become trapped in a vent, air can't flow effectively through these passages. And, if they can't get out, they can bring smells and bugs. Baby squirrels are most likely to get stuck in chimneys, separated from their mothers and unable to return to the nest, so have covers installed to prevent this outcome.

3. Missing Insulation

A thick layer of insulation keeps your energy bills down and makes heating and cooling more efficient. However, if squirrels are living in the area, they'll trample through it to collect material for their nests. In some cases, they may even pull the insulation and stuff it into air conditioning vents and ducts, increasing the cooling system's load. Additionally, if they carry moisture into the material, it can cause rot and mold to spread.


If you need squirrel removal, contact American Bio-Tech Wildlife Services in New Milford, CT. Providing services all across the state, they’re skilled at removing nuisance animals and helping repair the damage they’ve caused. They also use safe and humane tactics that they’ve been refining for nearly 50 years, setting wildlife up for better futures than any attic can provide. Call (860) 355-1231 to speak with one of their specialists today, or learn more about their environmentally conscious approach to wildlife removal on their website.