If you’ve heard strange noises in your attic, barn, or shed, you might be dealing with a bat infestation. However, it’s crucial to step away and call a professional at the first sign of their presence. Here are three reasons why handling bat removal on your own is never a good idea.

3 Reasons to Turn to a Professional for Bat Removal

1. Adherence to Local Guidelines

Each state has different rules and regulations about how to treat wildlife. As a protected species, bats must be carefully and humanely removed from homes.

In the state of Connecticut, wildlife control companies must install one-way doors in attics so the bats are free to escape but unable to come back into your home. They can then find a new place to roost without being subject to handling. To address this sensitive wildlife issue, it’s best to turn to a professional with the skills and tools to ensure a humane exit.

2. Exposure to Disease

Bat removalAttempting to trap or physically remove a bat from your home is not only illegal but can also pose serious health concerns. If you’re scratched or bitten by a bat or make contact with their feces, you may be susceptible to illnesses like rabies or histoplasmosis, a fungal disease. Both of these diseases can be fatal, so it’s best to avoid the risk completely by hiring a professional. 

3. Messy Cleanup

If bats have been roosting in your home for some time, they’ve likely left a considerable amount of urine and droppings in your attic. When the droppings harden and dry, they can be especially difficult to clean up. To avoid the health risks of encountering bat feces and urine and the unpleasant hassle of cleaning this waste, leave the work to bat removal experts.


Turn to American Bio-Tech Wildlife Services for a safe, humane bat removal experience in New Milford, CT. With nearly 50 years of experience, they will prevent these animals from damaging your home’s insulation and leaving any further droppings that might expose your family to illness. In addition to bats, they also address issues with woodchucks, raccoons, and squirrels. To learn more about their skills, visit them online, or call (860) 355-1231 to make an appointment.