If your home is surrounded by nature, wild animals are bound to find their way onto the property and potentially inside. Although it’s important to remove wandering animals from the residence, it should be done in a way that minimizes harm to the creature and the local area. To ensure this outcome, contact a humane wildlife removal company as soon as you discover any critter living in your house.

Why Is Humane Wildlife Removal Important?

Humane wildlife removal seeks to patiently and safely capture invading creatures so no harm comes to them or your house. The professional will then relocate the animal to a nearby habitat or another location that maximizes their chance for survival.

Afterward, to reduce the likelihood of reinfestation, the professional will repair openings created by the animal and perform a property survey. They'll then provide suggestions on how to make it less attractive to wildlife. For example, they might encourage you to secure garbage cans, remove outdoor food and water sources, trim trees and shrubs, and cap the chimney.

How Do Professionals Make the Process Humane?

wildlife removal

When a humane wildlife removal company is called, their priority is to thoroughly survey the home and property to determine exactly where the animal is located. This allows them to figure out how to capture it safely. In many instances, they'll set up a live trap in the vicinity so the animal can enter on its own, and they'll then rehome it to the best location for the particular species.

During the breeding months of the year, the professionals will also search for young animals. Setting up a live trap risks separating the mother from dependent babies, so they'll instead collect the babies and reunite them with the mother before encouraging the animals to leave on their own.

Finally, humane companies know which animals are federally protected. While they can't capture or relocate these creatures, they can create one-way door systems that safely invite them to leave.


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