Now that we’re in the thick of winter, it’s essential to deal with furnace repairs quickly. The HVAC technicians at Bates Mechanical Inc. want you to be aware of signs your furnace needs service so you can schedule it as soon as possible. For more three generations, this family-owned and -operated business in Freedom, IN, has been serving residents of Owen County and the surrounding area with top-notch heating and air conditioning repairs.

5 Signs You Need Furnace Repair

Unusual Noises

Clanging, popping, or rattling sounds are the biggest indicators your furnace needs service. If the noises are blatant, they could signal the end of your furnace’s lifespan.

Unstable Temperatures

Whether it’s set automatically or manually, your furnace’s thermostat should maintain your chosen temperature. If you need to adjust it frequently, call an HVAC repair contractor.

Orange Or Yellow Pilot Light

Freedom-IN-furnace-repairIf you have a gas furnace, the pilot light should be blue. If it turns another color like orange or yellow, it could mean the pilot tube needs to be cleaned. However, it also could signal the presence of carbon monoxide, so it’s crucial to call a technician for furnace repair.

Higher Bills

If you haven’t had a rate hike or increased usage, the most likely culprit for higher utility bills is a broken furnace. Even the smallest piece can affect the overall efficiency of the unit and cause it to work harder to compensate.


Even a well-maintained furnace has a lifespan of 10–15 years. If your unit has reached that point, a replacement may be a better choice than furnace repair.

If you’ve experienced any of these problems, call a professional HVAC repair technician right away. Bates Mechanical Inc. in Freedom, IN, offers 24/7 emergency service, so they’re always ready to tend to your furnace repair needs. Call (812) 332-7000 to schedule an appointment, and visit their website for more information about their expert services.