A heat pump is essential for maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout your home, so having one wear out creates not only a significant expense but an inconvenience. It’s best to anticipate when your unit will need to be replaced so you can limit the disruption to your home. The skilled HVAC team at Bates Mechanical in Freedom, IN, will answer frequently asked questions about heat pumps to help you determine when you’ll need to replace yours.

Heat Pump Longevity FAQs

What is the Normal Life Span?

Most heat pumps have a life expectancy of about 15 years. While this can vary depending on the brand and usage, most homeowners should expect their unit to last this long with proper care.

What Can I Do to Keep It Working Properly?

Heat pump Freedom INYour best bet to extend the life span of your heat pump is to have it serviced on a regular basis. HVAC professionals will identify performance issues and make repairs before they develop into more serious problems. This will keep your heat pump running at an efficient level longer. 

When Should I Replace It?

It’s recommended you replace your heat pump when it’s over 10 years old and major maintenance work is needed. Frequent repairs and inefficient heating also indicate it’s time for a replacement. Most heat pump warranties last 10 years, and the cost of repairing a system instead of replacing it after that time typically outweighs the advantages.

What are the Benefits of Replacement?

New heat pumps offer superior energy efficiency over models from 10–15 years ago, allowing you to save hundreds of dollars on your utility bills each year. The also operate more effectively to increase your home’s comfort.

Whether you need a new heat pump or preventative maintenance for your furnace or air conditioning unit, the team at Bates Mechanical will repair or replace your equipment to help you stay comfortable year round. Visit them online to learn more about their products and services, and call (812) 829-3156 to set an appointment. Follow them on Twitter to receive updates from the HVAC company.