Highlights can add pops of lighter color to your hair, giving your locks a beautiful, sun-kissed appearance. If you want to change your hair color without going to extremes, you might consider babylights, which can elevate your hair's natural look. Below, you'll learn more about this professional hair service and what to expect during your salon appointment. 

What Are Babylights?

Babylights are highlights that resemble a child's hair color during summer when the sun causes the locks to look brighter at the roots and ends. These highlights are finer and more delicate than their traditional highlight counterparts, producing a baby-blonde hue that has a fresher and more natural appearance. This hair service has grown in popularity over the past couple of years, prompted by clients using photos of their children's hair as inspiration for stylists. 

What Does the Process Entail?

Standard highlighting techniques such as balayage and ombré require the application of color to larger segments of hair. Babylights, on the other hand, involve applying color to fewer strands at one time. Both techniques necessitate separating highlighted sections with foil and allowing the color to process before rinsing, drying, and styling. 

In addition to achieving a subtler and more natural effect, babylights require less maintenance than traditional highlights. Since they are finer, they seamlessly blend with the hair's natural color, which can make roots less noticeable as they regrow. As a result, you likely won't need touch-ups as frequently to maintain your appearance. You can ensure your babylights retain their shine by applying serum or oil as part of your regular hair care regimen.

Who Should Get Them?

Babylights are ideal for anyone who wants highlights without drastically altering their natural color. They're an excellent option for freshening up your look without worrying about putting much effort into upkeep. Since these highlights are so subtle, they can look beautiful on hair of any color, and a professional stylist can customize the hue so that it blends in with your natural color. Though appropriate for locks of any length, these highlights are often more noticeable on hair that is longer. For best results, grow your hair to at least shoulder-length before booking an appointment for babylights at a salon.


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