Blinds allow homeowners to control the amount of light entering a room, optimizing comfort and energy savings. Adding motorized window treatments provides additional convenience since you can manage them through a remote or smartphone app. Before making the upgrade, consider the best spots for installation, whether it's in a home theater or south-facing room that receives the most sunlight exposure throughout the day. 

Which Rooms in a House Would Best Benefit From Motorized Blinds?

1. Home Theater

Sunshine, streetlights, and even passing vehicles can create a glare on your television screen, interrupting a family movie night or exciting sports event. Instead of wasting time adjusting the blinds before, during, and after TV time, use a motorized system to create the ideal setting from the couch. It’s even possible to set the shades on a schedule based on your habits. If there's a show you watch daily or weekly, you can program the blinds accordingly, ensuring your home theater is ready when you are.

2. Bedroom

home theater

Light exposure impacts sleep quality; too much of it can interrupt sleep cycles and reduce the quality of rest, while morning exposure can suppress melatonin production, making you feel more awake. Creating the ideal lighting conditions in your bedroom can be conveniently managed from the comfort of your bed with motorized window treatments. Whether you want to take a nap or wake up to sunlight, the outdoors can be welcomed or blocked with a few clicks of a remote.

3. Room With Cathedral Ceilings

Cathedral ceilings add elegance and airiness to any room. However, these spaces often boast windows that rise 20 feet off the ground, making it extremely difficult to close the blinds. As a result, you might have light streaming in at all hours. Motorized shades allow you to control the amount of sun streaming into the foyer, living room, or another area of the home. These installations help you enjoy the grandeur and finer details of the space without squinting against the light.


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