Since employees spend a significant portion of their days inside an office, lighting has become an important workplace consideration that affects their well-being. That is why companies should always pay attention to how efficient their lighting control systems are. Automating office fixtures offers many benefits that manual switches cannot match. The following guide discusses why you should consider this upgrade to enhance your workplace.

Why You Should Install Automatic Lighting Systems in Your Office

1. Boosts Employee Productivity

The lighting in your office can impact productivity. Excessively bright or dim spaces make employees work less efficiently, resulting in unnecessary production delays and detail oversights. By automating the control system with different brightness settings, employees can quickly adjust the lighting according to their liking or need. Once they are comfortable, they can focus more intently on their workload.

2. Conserves Energy


Smart lighting control systems allow you to switch off fixtures in unoccupied office areas, such as the restroom, pantry, and storage room, reducing energy consumption. Their built-in motion detectors only turn on when somebody enters and starts moving about the room. Lights also turn off when the room becomes vacant after a programmed period of time.

Other systems come with sensors that estimate the amount of artificial light necessary given the brightness of available daylight. Most of these also have time controls that allow you to set a schedule to turn on or off and manually override as needed. All of these features help make your office more energy efficient.

3. Saves on Overall Costs

Reduced energy consumption means lower utility bills, but cost savings with automated lighting control systems can also come in other forms. Since these fixtures only turn on or brighten as needed, bulbs tend to last longer. Replacements become less frequent as they don’t burn out fast, saving you extra money.

4. Improves Safety & Security

With manually controlled systems, staff members have to fumble in the dark to switch on the lights, putting them at risk for accidents. If your automated lighting system is set to illuminate at a certain time or during a specific situation, you improve everyone’s safety within the office. 

Occupancy sensors also get triggered when someone enters the room, letting you know that they're inside. This alerts you to a person's presence, which gives you the chance to check whether they’re authorized to be there.


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