With everyone spending more time at home, this year is the perfect time to install a home theater. However, an excellent theater room needs a state-of-the-art audio system to upgrade family movie nights and be the perfect entertainment venue. Below are some of the best types of speakers to include in your surround sound for an authentic theater experience.

What Speakers Should You Include in a Home Theater?

1. Center Channel

The center channel speaker sits in the front, just below or above the television. This is the most significant speaker in the home theater, as it handles all of the dialogue and most of the sound effects for movies. Choose a three-way design with a vertically-aligned tweeter and mid-range box. It does not need much bass, as the other speakers handle most of this sound.

2. Front Side

This pair of speakers sits to the left and right of the television, in the front corners of the room. They are responsible for much of the soundtrack, off-screen sounds, and other special effects.

home theaterYou need them on both sides to allow the sound to move between the two speakers in sync with what’s on the screen. This creates a dynamic range and makes viewers feel like they are a part of the action. They can sit on bookshelves, stand on the floor, or fit directly into the wall.  

3. Surround

The surround speakers go on either the side of the seating or behind it. The best options for these is to mount them on the wall or ceiling. Although it doesn’t account for much of the overall sound, the ambient noise from these speakers creates an immersive experience of what’s happening on the screen.

For example, they might produce the sound of rain drops behind you while it’s raining during the movie. Larger rooms with many seating options work best with a 7.1 system, which includes speakers on both sides and behind.


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