Some childhood illnesses resolve on their own or with at-home remedies, while others need a pediatrician’s attention. It’s natural to worry about your little one even when the issue is minor, and sometimes it’s hard to tell what you can treat yourself and what’s cause for concern. Here are a few basic guidelines to make the decision easier.

When to Go to a Pediatrics Provider

1. Breathing Problems

If your child has sudden difficulty breathing, especially after eating something unfamiliar, inhaling something unusual, or after physical activity, they need to go to an emergency medical center immediately. This could be potentially life-threatening, as their oxygen intake is limited.

If they're sick with a cough or cold, babies under 3 months old should see the family doctor right away to get proper medication. Older children only need professional attention if the illness lasts more than a week and is accompanied by an earache or fever.

2. Fever

PediatricsA fever is a sign that the body is fighting off an infection. This is often something you can wait out at home, but there is a chance of either the infection or the fever itself becoming dangerous.

A child under 3 months old should see a doctor any time they have a temperature over 100.4 F. Older children should see their doctor if their temperature is over 104 F. If your child’s fever lasts more than three days or if the young one is showing other symptoms like vomiting, a rash, or they seem weak, schedule an appointment right away. These could be signs of the flu.

3. Pain

You know your child best, so pay attention to any unusual pain. Anything sudden, unexplained, and severe is a cause for concern.

For example, unusually intense abdominal pain could mean appendicitis. If they have pain while using the restroom, a urinary tract infection is likely, and ear pain can mean an infection that needs antibiotics.



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