Equipment transportation is a challenging part of the construction process. Not only do you have to have the timing just right, but you should also ensure each component arrives fully functional and ready to go. Alleviate the stress by considering the following tips and taking the necessary precautions.

5 Tips for Equipment Transportation

1. Wash Thoroughly

It’s easier to determine the condition of your equipment without a layer of buildup. Hose down the surface to loosen debris. Increase the visibility of handholds and tie-down points by scraping them clean, and knock out any clumps of dirt around the tires.

2. Remove Attachments

equipment transportationAllowing buckets, hooks, and covers to remain could result in a wide load designation. This requires additional vehicles and might delay your transport. Choosing to haul them separately and reattach them at the job site could provide a way to streamline efficiency.

3. Cover the Smokestack

Loose debris has a tendency to find its way down into even the smallest of openings. Prevent your smokestack from developing a clog by covering it with a tarp. Be sure to tie it down securely so that the material doesn’t flap around in the wind.

4. Disconnect the Battery

Batteries are known to drain the longer they remain in contact with the engine. The best way to ensure an immediate startup is to unhook the connection just before departure. The battery can stay in place and is easy enough to reattach.

5. Secure Doors

Even if the door has a small latch to hold it secure, there’s still a chance of it flying open during transport. This could knock a hinge loose and cause serious damage. Slide a zip tie through the handle and pull it tight so that the door stays tightly shut.


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