When you need to tear down part or all of a building, it may sound tempting to save money by doing it yourself. In reality, there's more to the process than just cutting up or knocking down the building, and you take some significant risks by trying to do it yourself. You should choose a professional demolition service so that you can avoid the following pitfalls.

Why You Shouldn't Tear Down Your Own Building

1. Safety Issues

When you're removing part of a home, it's easy to accidentally weaken the rest of the structure, causing dangerous collapses. You might also run into electrical wiring that poses an electrocution risk, or plumbing that can make tools rebound or could soak nearby electrical wires. A demolition expert surveys the area and follows established safety rules to do the work safely.

2. Unintended Damage

Demolition High Point, NCIf you're trying to remove only part of a building, like an unwanted wall, you may accidentally damage other parts by weakening the structure or bursting a pipe. If you're bringing down a whole building, there's still a risk of hitting other nearby structures or property features, like utility lines and landscaping. A professional will precisely remove the part that's intended without damaging anything else.

3. Incomplete Demolition

Sometimes, if you don't do the job following the correct procedures, you'll end up with part of a building still standing and no safe way to bring it down yourself. A building can fall into its own basement, leaving you with nowhere safe to stand to break up the rest of the structure. You might also be left with a few dangerously leaning walls that will fall if you work on them. If this happens, you'll still have to call in a professional in the end. Your costs will be higher after paying for your equipment and their services than if you'd just worked with them in the first place.


To avoid these demolition errors and get your project finished quickly and safely, choose A&M Crane and Rigging in High Point, NC. Since 1980, Tim Nall and his team have served the Carolinas and Virginia, offering demolition, crane service, and even building relocation. Call (336) 889-6000 today or visit their website to get an initial estimate on your project.