Crane service is essential for a number of construction and relocation purposes, and the huge piece of equipment often draws considerable attention when in use. A crane's size and power make it a spectacle, but most people couldn't name any of its crucial parts. Here’s a closer look at what makes a crane a crane.

What Does a Crane Consist Of?

1. Cabin

The cabin is where the crane service operator sits. It features the operator seat, the control panel, and a large, multiplex window that enables the driver to see what they’re doing. Joysticks enable the crane to move forward, backward, left, and right, while other controls permit the cabin to spin and raise or lower loads.

2. Boom

Crane service in High Point, NCThe boom is the most identifiable part of the machine. It’s the enormous arm that reaches toward the sky. The operator controls its movement from within the cabin and uses it to lift and lower.

3. Rotex Gear

The cabin sits atop the rotex gear, which lets it rotate in almost any direction and allows the operator to adjust the position of the boom. It’s powered by a hydraulic motor

4. Outriggers

Because a crane requires enormous amounts of leverage to lift heavy loads, it often needs a wider base than its chassis provides. Outriggers, which reach outward alongside the crane's base, provide additional side-to-side support and keep the equipment from tipping.

5. Jib

The jib is an extension of the crane's boom. It enables the operator to reach greater heights and is essential for high-rise construction projects and other purposes where additional boom length is necessary. 

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