portable storage container provides a convenient way of relocating your belongings to a new home. Taking the time to plan how best to pack the container allows you to make your personal possessions easily accessible. Use the following packing tips to make your move as efficient and smooth as possible.

A Guide to Efficiently Packing a Storage Container for a Move

1. Keep Things Tight

Pack your portable storage container the same way you would pack a moving truck. Stack boxes vertically to save space and pack everything as tightly as possible. Leaving empty space increases the risks that fragile items and antiques will get jostled.

When it comes to stacks, place heavier boxes on the bottom, medium boxes in the middle, and lighter boxes on top. Evenly distributing the weight will keep items stable during the move, preventing larger items from toppling and crushing more fragile boxes.

2. Prepare the Furniture

Loading furniture into your storage container can take up more room than necessary, but dissemble pieces can save space. Wrap table and chair legs in bubble wrap and place screws together in zip-close bags. Mark each baggie so you know which furniture item the assembly pieces belong to.

Wood and glass should be wrapped in plastic and separated with slips of cardboard. Use felt to cover sharp glass or mirror edges to prevent them from scratching other items. 

3. Save Important Boxes for Last 

Portable Storage ContainersEvery box should be labeled with its contents and the room in which it belongs. This will make it easier to unload the container or storage trailer while allowing you to keep track of important items.

Set aside items you’ll need immediately after reaching your destination, such as clothes, canned food, and pet supplies. These should be loaded into the container last.

4. Know What Not to Pack

There are certain items that should not go into a storage container. Propane tanks and flammable liquids should be disposed of properly prior to your move. Pack important documents, such as birth certificates, driver’s licenses, and lease agreements, in a folder or binder. Keep this paperwork with you so that they don’t get lost or damaged.


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