Feeding birds suet was traditionally a way to provide a high energy food for birds during the winter months to help them keep warm. Suet is not regular beef fat but specifically the fat from around the kidneys of cattle. Unlike most fat commonly found on cuts of meat, suet is the easiest-melting fat on the animal.

But birds actually feed on suet more often during the spring and summer than all winter long. Suet bird feeders are more frequently visited from March through August.

Spring and summer is the nesting season where energy requirements are extremely high. Birds are identifying and defending territories. Excavating cavities for nesting. Laying clutches of eggs and incubating them for extended periods. Once the eggs have hatched the adults will make hundreds of trips a day providing food for the young all while continuing to defend the nest site. Once the nestlings have fledged the adults continue to feed their young while teaching them where to find food, water, and shelter along with how to survive in a competitive world.

So the energy requirements for birds are extremely high all year long. From the need to keep warm in the winter, nesting in the spring and summer and for some birds, the added stress and energy requirements for migration.

Suet feeders come in a variety of options. They include:

WIRE SUET BASKETS that hold 11 ounce suet cakes. Also double wire suet baskets for 2 suet cakes 




deter unwanted birds from robbing the suet. (Starlings, blackbirds, etc)


CAGED SUET FEEDERS that deter not just unwanted birds but squirrels as well.



SUET BALL SUET FEEDERS for holding suet balls. Comes in a variety of shapes and sizes



NATURAL LOG SUET FEEDERS for holding suet plugs. Upside down suet logs are also available. A natural way to feed birds of the tree trunk zone.



TAIL PROP SUET FEEDERS where woodpeckers brace their tail for leverage while feeding.



SQUIRREL PROOF SUET FEEDERS New on the market by Brome Bird Care, home of the Squirrel Buster Bird Feeder line. Weight of a squirrel closes access to suet



 Hopper bird feeders with suet baskets attached to the side



Remove wrapper from suet cake. leave in hard

 plastic shell, insert in suet basket. Hang upside down. Unwanted birds sitting on top cannot pierce the plastic shell.  This makes an inexpensive upside down suet feeder.                     

If squirrels and starlings become a problem feed pure suet without nuts or seeds which is what attracts unwanted visitors.



Homemade suet is fun to create. Use suet from the butcher, not meat fat, and melt the suet down to a liquid. You can also use lard (not Crisco). Lard is rendered animal fat. Mix in seeds, nuts, and chopped fruits. Pour in a container and cool in freezer.

BIRDS ATTRACTED TO SUET: All woodpeckers are attracted to suet as are most other birds of the tree trunk zone. That includes nuthatches, wrens, and during the winter months Brown Creepers. During the summer woodpeckers will bring their young to the suet feeder and feed them chunks of suet.                           


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