Many seniors will face mobility challenges, and they can make something as simple as sitting and standing difficult. Powered lift chairs are extremely helpful for getting on your feet without the risk of stumbling or hurting yourself. However, because of common misconceptions, many families don’t purchase them. Here are three myths about these debunked to ensure you take advantage of them.

What Are the Common Myths About Lift Chairs?

1. They Aren’t Attractive


Powered lift chairs reduce the stress of standing by pushing upward to help the person sitting in them stand. They aren’t plain medical devices—many look exactly like high-end reclines. They come with footrests, plush armrests, can be made of leather or high-quality fabric, and come in countless colors. This ensures they match your interior design and the surrounding furniture.

2. They Reduce Muscle

Reduced muscle strength is one of the main reasons people purchase lift chairs. Because these assist with getting up, people fear they’ll lose more muscle mass since the chair is doing all the work for them. However, they actually help you build muscle strength. Since it’s easier to get up, you’ll spend more time on your feet around the home or going to events with friends and family. This valuable exercise helps you build muscle strength and increase range of motion because the muscles are actually getting used.

3. They Decrease Independence

Some people fear that they’ll become too dependent on the chair and will sacrifice a part of their independence. However, these chairs actually improve independence. You’re able to easily get out of your seat, meaning you can tackle whatever task you want, whenever you want. By preventing trips and falls, these chairs also ensure that potential health injuries don’t limit your independence.


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