If you’re planning a family vacation to Maui, you might be concerned about how to plan your itinerary during the pandemic. Fortunately, there are plenty of exciting socially distanced activities for everyone to enjoy on both land and sea. Here are a few options to keep in mind for your upcoming getaway.

What Are Some Socially Distanced Activities on Maui?

1. Go for a Haleakala Hike

Maui’s tallest peak is in Haleakala National Park, where you can visit the famed dormant crater, do some stargazing thanks to minimal light pollution, and watch the sunrise, all at a distance from everyone else. There are plenty of wonderful hiking opportunities here too. Explore the Redwood and Haleakala Trails at Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area if you’re an experienced hiking family, or explore the minimally elevated Waihou Spring Trail in Upcountry Maui if you’re a beginner group.

2. Enjoy Family Surf Lessons


The summer is a wonderful time to add surf lessons to your repertoire of Hawaii activities when the waves are smaller and more manageable. Many instructors offer private lessons for small groups on the beach, so you and your loved ones can easily keep your distance while learning the essentials of surfing from a seasoned professional.

3. Go Snorkeling

On a Maui snorkeling tour, you’ll explore the wonders of undersea life. Whether you dive in from a beach or set out on a charter boat, you’ll likely encounter the area’s colorful marine life, like sea turtles and tropical fish among the coral reefs

4. Visit the Food Trucks

Instead of dining inside a restaurant, visit the many food trucks that solidify Maui’s reputation as a foodie paradise. Meals are inexpensive, and you can easily enjoy yours in a nearby park, have a beach picnic, or take it to your hotel. While many trucks rotate locations, some remain parked in the same place daily. Take your pick of a wide range of foods, including seafood, Mediterranean, and barbecue. 


If you’re ready to plan your Maui adventure, turn to Maui Activities Store. They offer a wide array of fun, socially distanced activities for the entire family, including snorkeling tours, surfing lessons, and horseback rides, so you get to enjoy spectacular views on both land and sea! Visit the website for more information about their options, or call (808) 638-3230 to book a tour.