Pest Control from Start to Finish

Integrated pest management, or IPM, is a process by which Rochester Pest Pro fixes your pest issues in a way that covers every aspect of the problem, from pre-inspection to follow-ups and later maintenance. 

When you choose a pest control company in Rochester, Henrietta, Fairport, Webster, Honeoye Falls, and the nearby neighborhoods, ask them about IPM and how they practice it.  Use this handy article as a reference and check out our blog for more on what we work with and how. 

How Do We Practice IPM?

First, we talk with the client to learn about what they are observing and how it is affecting their home and/or work life.  In this way, we are able to ascertain if the client is in any immediate danger from pests. 

Then, we schedule an inspection.  During the inspection, we answer several questions:

  • What pests are we dealing with? 
  • Where are the pests entering your space?
  • Where have the pests settled in or near your space?
  • What damage are the pests doing?
  • How severe is the problem? 

Then, we are able to develop a treatment plan that works for the environment, the inhabitants, and the particular pest(s)

 we’re getting rid of.  Our goal is long-term pest removal, not a quick spray-and-walk-away. We select our treatments to be risk-free for humans, pets, and livestock.  We also aim not to harm beneficial creatures that are just in the wrong place, like bats, opting instead to move them to a safer place and see that they can no longer access your space. 

Help Us Help You

Rochester Pest Pro likes to educate our clients on how to make our treatments more effective and longer-lasting.  Here’s how:

  • Eliminating pest entry points, like cracks in the foundation and faulty window sills.
  • Removing materials that pests like to eat, drink, and hide in, like decomposing cardboard and standing water.
  • Eliminating any human habits that encourage pests, like leaving uncovered food out. 

Why Do We Practice IPM? 

In short, it’s because we don’t believe in cutting corners. We aim to be the best pest control company in Rochester, so we treat each place like it was our home, land, or office.  We also have a healthy respect for an appreciation of the local ecosystem, and we want to preserve the balance. 

The safety of our clients and those they share space with is of paramount importance to us.  We didn’t enter the pest control business because we like spraying at creepy-crawlies and making money.  We started Rochester Pest Pro as part of the public health and safety effort. 

More Useful Reading

Take a look at our materials and safety labels page here to see what treatments we use, why we use them, and safety information.  Also, take a look at what our clients have to say.  

Get in touch with us using our contact page and at (585) 486-4815. We want to hear from you! To invest in the safety of your children, friends, pets, clients, and yourself, insist on practitioners of IPM