Whether you’re tucking items away during a home renovation project or packing clothes and toys for a future grandchild, it’s essential to use your storage unit wisely. You’ll maximize space and protect your belongings from mold, damage, and other threats. The following guidelines will ensure your items are organized and in good condition when you need them next. 


Label and keep an inventory.

A well-organized storage unit is easy to navigate when you need to find something. Label every box, either with markers or colored stickers. Then, create an inventory sheet. 

Keep a copy at home so that you can easily check if an item is in the unit without traveling to the facility. Leave another copy in the unit to help you keep track of everything as you transfer belongings in and out. 

Leave a center aisle.


Accessibility is essential, and it’s best to keep a clear center path from the front to the back of the storage unit. This way, you can easily reach every box and won’t have to worry about tripping and falling. 

Mark the lane on the floor with tape so that you keep it clear of clutter. Put the least-used items, like holiday decorations, in the back and the more frequently needed items, like business inventory, near the front.


Store flammable or perishable items.

Most storage rental facilities have strict rules about flammable and perishable items. Rotting substances attract pests and also create foul odors that will taint items in the unit. 

Meanwhile, flammable items become safety hazards when left unattended. Fumes may build up, and a small spark can potentially start a fire. Remember to clean items before storing them and to check that gas tanks are empty.

Wrap items in plastic.

Plastic may seem convenient for protecting antique furniture or rolling carpeting, but it can potentially trap moisture. On humid days, condensation could facilitate mold growth. Instead, use canvases or blankets to protect fragile items from bumps and scrapes. 


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