Most people associate skydiving with thrill-seeking, and it’s true: there’s simply nothing like the feeling of soaring through the air and drifting back to the ground. In fact, according to the expert instructors at Waialua, HI-based, Pacific Skydiving Center, there are a number of both physical and psychological benefits to skydiving. It’s an activity that has a positive impact on your overall state of being.

The adrenaline rush you get from this recreational activity is surely what makes it so appealing, but what are some of the health benefits? Let's take a look: 


  • Full Body Workout: The upper limbs get a significant workout when the parachute needs to be steered, and the lower extremities have to work hard during landing. Even lugging around the parachute and safety equipment is a form of exercise.
  • Stress Relief: Those who’ve never done it might think otherwise, but psychologists indicate the conditions of skydiving actually reduce stress. How so? When you take part in this, your mind focuses strictly on what’s happening, and all the other stressors melt away.
  • Self-Actualization: Skydiving promotes confidence and self-esteem; if someone can handle leaping from an airplane, going into a free-fall before parachuting down, what can stop them? Successfully facing these fears and knowing you can succeed at something challenging and new is tremendously empowering.
  • A Dose Of Adrenaline: The physiological responses of the body to skydiving, particularly the flood of adrenaline, helps sharpen the mind and hones your survival instincts. This is also related to the sensation of intense focus and mental acuity skydivers report feeling.

Strangely enough, jumping out of an airplane mid-flight actually benefits your health. So, if you’re thinking about giving it a try, if you're interested in tandem skydiving, or it’s something you already enjoy doing, the instructors at Pacific Skydiving Center are at your service. Find out more about this school by visiting online or simply calling (808) 637-7472.