The breathtaking excitement of falling through the sky combined with the freedom of flying in the air is what makes skydiving so irresistible to thrill-seekers. But you need to complete a certain number of tandem skydiving jumps before you can go for a solo trip. Discover how to obtain your license in the brief discussion below.

What’s the Process for Obtaining a Skydiving License?

The first step toward obtaining your skydiving license is to attend a three- to four-hour ground school. You’ll receive an in-depth discussion on the various components that make up skydiving gear, how to position yourself while in the air, what emergency procedures are in place in case anything goes wrong, and what to expect during a basic canopy flight. This education will prepare you for your first tandem skydiving experience.

How Many Times Do You Need to Go Tandem Skydiving?

tandem skydivingWhile it depends on the company you work with, most professionals will require seven tandem skydives with an experienced instructor. Each individual wears their own parachute, and the only physical contact is when the instructor holds onto the student during free fall to ensure stability. As the students progress through the program and demonstrate they can release the parachute and land safely, they’ll be given more freedom and eventually be able to fly completely solo.

At least 25 skydives are needed after the initial training to earn an “A” license, which is the first level of skydiving license and proves the individual is fully equipped to make a trip on their own. Skydivers must complete one flight every 60 days to keep their skydiving license current. Otherwise, they’ll have to perform a jump at the previous level before they can qualify again.


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