Efficient car window tinting can block the worst of the Florida sun, helping to keep your vehicle comfortable, even at the height of summer. However, state law limits how dark and reflective window tinting can be in an effort to protect law enforcement and reduce driver accidents. In Florida, the standards differ according to whether you drive a sedan, truck, or van, and you may have to install other accessories to make your tinted windows legal. Read the guide below to ensure that your vehicle's window tint percentages meet state requirements.

Vehicle Window Tint Laws in Florida

Rules for Cars

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State laws governing auto glass tint percentages are described in terms of visible light transmission, or VLT. This measures how much light passes through the film on the glass.

In Florida, car window tint on sedans must allow at least 28% of light to pass through the front and side mirrors. A darker tint that only allows 15% to pass through is allowed on the back and rear windows, while windshields can only be tinted above the AS-1 line indicated by the manufacturer.

Window Tinting for SUVs & Vans

The rules for windshield and front side windows are the same, no matter what type of vehicle you drive. However, vans and SUVs can have darker tinting on the back side and rear windows. On these windows, the window tint only has to allow 6% of light to pass through.

Additional Laws About Car Window Tints

A reflective tint reduces glare and heat, but it can also make it more difficult for police to see into your vehicle. In Florida, film on the front side windows can’t be more than 25% reflective. On the other windows, the tint may reflect up to 35% of light passing through.

If your rear windows are tinted, your vehicle must be equipped with dual side mirrors. The car window tint film cannot be colored with any shade, and any vehicle with tinted windows must have a certification sticker inside the driver’s door jamb.


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