As they age, many people have trouble standing up from a comfortable chair. Lift chairs reduce the risk of injury and strain, with automated mechanisms that gently lift the user to a standing position. Below are a few benefits of buying a lift chair for the seniors in your life.

The Benefits of Lift Chairs for Seniors

1. Preserve Autonomy

Many seniors with joint issues or medical conditions require frequent care. Lift chairs allow your loved ones to age in place and live in their own homes well into retirement.

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Being able to get around safely will also give the seniors in your life a feeling of independence. This is especially important for seniors who may not be able to handle some other tasks of daily living.

2. Prevent Bone and Joint Injuries

Standing up can be difficult for many seniors, but sitting down can be dangerous. Many seniors don’t have the strength to sit down slowly, so many just drop into their seats. Unfortunately, this can cause joint and bone injuries, especially for those living with chronic medical conditions.

Along with lifting occupants up, lift chairs also gently lower them to a sitting position. This feature can prevent many common injuries seniors experience in household accidents.

3. Minimize Edema

Edema, or swelling of the legs, is extremely common among seniors. This condition can cause discomfort, stretched skin, and a variety of other troublesome symptoms.

Lift chairs do much more than elevate and lower their occupants. They also lean back into a reclining position that puts the feet higher than the heart. This reduces the symptoms of edema, which makes your loved ones comfortable throughout the day.


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