CrossFit® challenges the body in many unique ways, which is why people are so passionate about their time in the gym—even if they're recovering from an injury. Exercise is a valuable part of recovery, and most people will return to their original form. Below are a few tips for being patient with your progress to prevent repeat injuries as you resume a workout routine.

How to Return to CrossFit Post-Injury

1. Go Slowly


After a recovery period, your usual routine will likely be too intense for your body and increase the risk of reinjury. Instead, go slowly and focus on patience and discipline. Jog instead of sprinting, and use resistance bands instead of heavy weights to avoid stressing your body too quickly. Spend plenty of time stretching before and after each workout, and pay attention to your endurance rather than how much weight you can lift. These incremental steps make it easier to gradually return to full intensity.

2. Focus on Technique

Many gym-related injuries result from poor technique, so this should be an area of focus when you return. Ignore the heavy weights. Instead, use light weight, or even just the bar, to get reacquainted with the proper flow of movement. Instead of setting a rep count, go through the motions slowly at the mirror and see where there’s room for improvement. Consult with your CrossFit coach and listen closely to their recommendations for brushing up on your form and scaling up the speed and weight over time.

3. Listen to Your Body

Your body will let you know when you’re doing too much, so pay attention. If your lower back suddenly hurts, stop, stretch, and don’t work out again until it’s better—even if that takes a day or two. If you’re tired, take a break. Working out after an injury is not about intensity or reaching personal goals. It’s about restoring your body and taking cues from early signs of pain and fatigue.


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